Mojon Hills

The Mojon hill area is under construction, most of the houses are built and ready. The population is mixed with mostly Spanish people who want to move to the coastal area, but also some Scandinavians, a lot of Spanish who spend their holiday in Isla Plana, as it is so near the coast.

Above all, people in the city of Mazzarron, goes to Isla Plana. In and around the Isla Plana area there are three beach- areas, Isla Plana, Puerto de Mazzaron and La Azohia. Isla Plana beach is within walking distance and the other two are approximately 7 min by car.

 Typical Spanish restaurants are in the area. Among others you will find,,  with a wonderful sea view and just at the sea in La Azohia, with locally caught fish on the menu and fresh products in general. High class and cozy.

 The theme park will be located inland. Isla Plana is only 25 minutes away by car and is close to the sea and to other activities you may want for a holiday, including swimming, sun, snorkeling / diving, shopping, or why not just a bottle of red wine from Spain along with good Spanish food!

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